Martian Context

This studio examines the profound potential for Utopian architectural realisation by pushing past limits of site and political structure. Rather than repudiating the social and structural engineering implicit in the utopian project, this studio seeks to examine these desires and directions – through the lens of an entirely new society; an entirely new world. The studio will leverage the substantial technical literature on the topic, as well as a wealth of speculative literature and film. The intent is not to frame new technical solutions, but to explore the social, architectural and urban implications of the exigencies and opportunities of the Martian environment and landscape. The studio will involve each student delivering a comprehensive plan for a settlement of between 80,000 and 200,000. All of this will be permeated with a strong critical position around the role of narrative/fiction, and the production of the image. Critical readings will be assigned each week to help hone a debate and discourse around these topics.